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Valentines Dive Center - FAQs

Beach in Eleuthera, Bahamas
The Cove, Eleuthera. Photo by Miguel Davis on Unsplash
What kind of diving do you have?

All kinds!!!  We have everything from shallow reefs to ship wrecks, high speed drift dives and much more. Never been diving, let us teach you.  We have all the levels of instruction, including a Discover Scuba course.

Should I bring my own equipment?

It’s up to you.  We include weights, weight belt, and tanks in the dive price.  We have BCDs, regulators, computers, mask & fins, snorkels, and wetsuits available for rent. !

Can my kids dive? Can they go on the boat?

Children 8-10 years old are eligible to take our Bubblemaker course.  Junior Certifications are available for children ages 10-14 (normal certification fees apply).  Children under 3 years are permitted to accompany their parents on the boat for free.  All other boat riders are subject to a $49 fee. 

What is the water temperature? Do I need a wetsuit?
MonthWater TemperatureAir TemperatureWetsuit
January – February72-75f / 22-24c    72-80f / 22-27c    Full 3mm
March73-77f / 23-25c    72-85f / 22-29cFull 3mm
April75-79f / 24-26c    76-90f / 24-32cShorty or full
May77-80f / 25-27c    80-90f / 27-32c   Skin or shorty
June79-81f / 26-28c       80-90f / 27-32cSkin or shorty
July- September82-87f / 29-31c       80-90f / 27-32cnon required
October26-28c       76-90f / 24-32cSkin or shorty
November77-80f / 25-27c       72-85f / 22-29cShorty or full
December75-78f / 24-26c      72-85f / 22-29c Full 3mm
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