Learn To Scuba Dive

Learn How To Dive In A Day!

Have you ever wondered about the underwater world? Now discover it.

  • Private (one on one) $470
  • 1 Student $424
  • 2 – 4 Students $320 ea

All you need to do is have a lesson in the swimming pool with the dive instructor who will go through the basic scuba skills.  This usually takes about 1 – 1 ½hours.  Check in at the pool 10:00am.

Afterwards go out on the 1:30 pm dive boat for a one tank dive to a spectacular reef or wreck. You will always be accompanied by the dive instructor/dive master.

We encourage you to go out on more dives and as the Discover Scuba Dive is good for two weeks so you can continue to come out diving with us without having to do the pool work again (extra dive $99 plus cost of dive — $140 1 tank $170 2 tank).  The Discover Scuba Dive course is for the 10 year olds and upwards.

* 50% deposit required to make reservation

* All equipment included in the price (except wetsuit, which is recommended during winter months)

* Must complete a medical (may require a letter from Physician)


For the 8-10 year olds. Learn how to scuba dive! Yes that’s right! The bubble maker program consists of instruction of scuba equipment in the pool. Play underwater Frisbee and underwater races and get a taste for scuba diving.  Duration is approximately 1 hour.  Scheduling may vary.

At the end of the dive get a PADI kit and certificate claiming you are a bubble maker !


  • Pool Only $179

* This includes the PADI kit (includes: PADI log book, towel, toy, sticker, patch)

* 50% deposit required to make reservation

* This includes all scuba equipment

* Must complete a medical (may require a letter from Physician)

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